Tony Martinico



The Most Consistent Pricing around... ALL Services are transparent as most clients need HELP with a variety of items on many household & office projects, tasks, etc... Therefore, to keep the focus on the client's requests/services, I set up Hourly Pricing.

Monday Thru Friday - 9 am to 9 pm  = $29 per/hr per person

Monday Thru Friday - 9 pm to 9 am =  $39 per/hr per person

Saturday & Sunday   -  (all Hours...)  =  $45 per/hr per person

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 All Billable Hours consist of:  

   The time of arrival on-site and/or checkout.


  The POC for each project will be contacted for sign off daily if   

  desired...Also, charges can include travel time to/from stores

  related to each project.


​​​Text only: 630-991-3584

All tools needed for each project/task are provided FREE as they are already priced in and unless told otherwise, I will provide all tools needed.

Customer's Additional Cost/Responsibilities only include the raw materials, items needed for each job, project, etc...